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MLA Evan Berger On Bill 36, Altalink And Other Issues

On January 8, 2011 at the Lundbreck Hall, MLA Evan Berger addressed approximately 100 local ratepayers on several local issues, including the proposed Micrex magnetite mine, the clear cut logging proposed in the Beaver Mines area, and AltaLink’s proposal to build new transmission lines in our MD. Our MLA argued that Bill 36 is a very important bill that would safeguard landowner’s rights, not threaten them. He defended the powers granted the Minister under this act as necessary to implement a new land use plan without tying it up in the courts. The mood of the crowd was definitely in opposition to his point of view. Mr. Berger said he would make our objections to the proposed lines known to his superiors in Edmonton. He agreed with one of our members, that we all must read the various acts closely, but contrary to her reasons for this, he suggested those opposed to the acts have a habit of leaving out some key words that are essential in understanding how our rights are actually protected, not subverted.

Our secretary kept notes on this meeting and they can be found as a PDF “Evan Berger Meeting Jan 8th 2011.pdf” 

A local person called a vote for all those opposed to the proposed lines, and all hands were raised. No one raised a hand to vote in favour of the lines. The following letter to the Pincher Creek Echo from one of our members illustrates very clearly one key reason that we as a group object to AltaLink’s proposal, that being their decision to ignore the recommendation of the Alberta Utilities Commission on the boundary lines of their project. As our President, Neil Kathol commented about AESO and Altalink to MLA Berger: “The animals are running the zoo. Who is the zookeeper here?”