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LLG Altalink Project Committee

The overall coordinator for the committee is Bruce Mowat who can be reached by Email at: A number of volunteers have stepped forward to work on the issue . If you would like to get involved, please begin by contacting Bruce Mowat or LLG communications coordinator Myrna Marty:  or 403-627-2723. See Contact page for more details. For media queries, contact Myrna Marty (above).

Environment and Landscape
Jillian Lawson
Connie Blomgren
Allan Garbutt
David McIntyre 
John Garden
Kevin Van Tigham

Coordination & Planning
Bruce Mowat
Connie Blomgren
Sid Marty
Rick Bell
John Lawson

Legal & Regulatory
Bruce Mowat
Blaine Moen 

Engineering & Technical
Mike Barkwith 
Kirk Taylor 
Rick Bell

Media & Public Information
Sid Marty
Andrew Nikiforuk 
Denise Trafford
Phil Burpee

Internal Communications
Myrna Marty
Janet Barkwith 
Bruce Mowat

Proposed Website on Viewscape
Terrence Blomgren 
Martha Paridean