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Enmax’s View On The Need For New Transmission Lines

Another person who has grave misgivings about new transmission lines in Alberta is none other than the CEO of Enmax, the Calgary owned company which supplies power also to other points in Alberta and is involved in wind and solar projects. The article can be found on the net as shown below. In the interview, CEO Gary Holden makes serious allegations about the needs process set forth by the AESO (Alberta Electrical System Operator), even going to the Attorney General to ask for an investigation. This article should be required reading for every citizen of this province:

“Enmax CEO raised Bill 50 ethics flag
Don Braid, Calgary Herald
Published: Wednesday, December 09, 2009

“The government wants Bill 50 to vanish into the dustbin labelled ‘last month's problem.’ Enmax CEO Gary Holden isn't about to let that happen.“