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Altalink Fidler To Chapel Rock Transmission Project

Is this the only future for Pincher Creek Municipal District 9?

Altalink’s Project argues for more transmission lines based on the need to increase capacity in their lines for wind generated power. AltaLink has come up with three possible transmission lines, then invited residents to provide “input” on routing and negotiate in advance for access before the line is even finalized, all of which has the potential to damage property values, the landscape and our way of life in this region. Choosing locations pits neighbour against neighbour. We urge all ratepayers not to take part in this divisive process. The planning was done in an arbitrary manner; there are residents who were not consulted; we question the needs basis for this project and challenge the assertion that the needs hearing was properly done by the AESO to begin with. The northern leg of this proposal bespeaks a hidden agenda that may have to do with covering a vast area in the most scenic and awe inspiring landscape of Alberta, the last of the Best West known as the Cowboy Trail with massive wind turbines and new transmission lines based on very questionable evidence regarding Alberta’s actual power needs. 

For the Proponent’s information, go to 

In response to what we consider to be a biased and ill founded decision making process by the Alberta Government in collusion with the Alberta Electrical System Operator(AESO) and AltaLink (the transmission line owner), the LLG has formed the AltaLink Project Committee, (for contact info see below), to intervene with the government and AESO to try and send the entire proposal for new transmission lines in our MD back to the drawing board. Here is a letter from our committee regarding the issue, which was circulated to politicians and the media”