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Powerlines vs. Landowners — A Montana Example

Although Alberta Government processes limit landowner’s rights to object to new powerline projects, an attempt by a Canadian developer to get access to private land in Montana was defeated by the court. The article is found in the Great Falls Tribune with a copy found here

Mr. Joe Anglin, an Alberta advocate for landowner’s rights and a knowledgeable citizen regarding our electricity system, has offered his interpretation on this event, one which may have an impact on projects proposed in Alberta: 

For Immediate Release 
December 16, 2010 

(Rimbey, AB) A district judge in Montana ruled on Monday that the private Canadian developer, Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL), has no legal authority to take someone else’s private property to construct a private-for-profit high-voltage transmission line from Lethbridge to Great Falls Mt.

“Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL) is not a regulated public utility. They are a private-for-profit company. 

“The Lavesta Area Group welcomes the court’s decision and views this as a victory for landowner rights. The Lavesta Area Group has decided, as a result of this court victory, to increase its financial contribution to $50,000 in support the landowners fighting against Montana Alberta Tie Line Inc (MATL) south and east of Lethbridge.

“Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL), is a private-for-profit company that wants to build privately held transmission lines on other people’s land. We believe this is a private matter between a landowner and a developer and should remain so. However, when a developer tells a landowner that there are no choices – the landowner must accept an offer that cannot be refused. We are reminded when this behaviour was called extortion and racketeering and was not tolerated. 

We believe property rights and democratic rights are worth fighting for!” 

For more information, contact:

Joe Anglin 
Chairman, Lavesta Area Group