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Hydraulic fracturing

Posted February 4, 2011

Hydraulic fracturing to obtain gas is an ongoing issue in North America and stories on this have been increasing in the American media in the last year or two and the topic is an issue in the American Congress. Few commentators have seriously addressed this issue in Alberta. Here is an American example that could forecast where we are headed in our province when citizens finally get up to speed on the process. 

“US natural gas drilling boom linked to pollution and social strife”

Jim Wickens 30th November, 2010

“The gas stored in the Marcellus Shale formation is the subject of desperate drilling to secure US domestic energy supplies. But the process involved - hydraulic fracturing - is the focus of a bitter dispute over environmental damage and community rights .”To read more go to:

For the latest information on the Endocrine disruptors contained in drilling fluids, and the difficulties of getting full disclosure on the chemical constituents of this fluid, go to this link of TEDX, the Endocrine Disruption Exchange: