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The following is a collection of titles provided to us by LLG members. If there is additional material you would like to recommend, please contact us at:

Thank you!

Suggested Reading

  1. The Banker and the Blackfoot, by J. Edward Chamberlin; a recently published memoir of Mr. Chamberlin's grandfather, Jack Cowdry, who arrived here in 1885.
  2. The Cowboy Trail, A Guide to Alberta’s Historic Cowboy Country, by Larraine Andrews
  3. Greener Pastures, the Memoirs of F. Lynch-Staunton, by Frank Lynch Staunton
  4. Leaning on the Wind, Under the Spell of the Great Chinook, by Sid Marty; a book of the nature, landscape, geology, culture and community that make up the eastern slope and the pressures put on it by the modern world.
  5. North Fork School, 1905–1955, by Pat (Kropinak) Moskaluk
  6. Old Man’s Garden, by Annora Brown; Artist, writer and resident of Fort Macloed, Ms. Brown illustrated and told the stories and legends of prairie and foothills plants.
  7. Prairie Grass To Mountain Pass: History of the Pioneers of Pincher Creek and District, by the Pincher Creek Historical Society
  8. Southern Rockies Trail Guide, by Joey Ambrosi; a hiking guidebook of Southwest Alberta and Southeast British Columbia with trail maps, descriptions and photos.
  9. The Silent Hills, The Kropinak Family of Chapel Rock, by Hazel Kropinak-Cerney and Ethel Kropinak-Hunter; a history of a family who homesteaded at Chapel Rock after being caught in the Frank Slide.
  10. So Far and Yet So Close, Frontier Ranching in Western Prairie Canada and the Northern Territory of Australia, by Warren M. Elofson; the autho r compares the economic, social, cultural, environmental, ethical and human issues of the Canadian and Australian frontier history.
  11. The Whaleback, A Walking Guide, by Bob Blaxley; a book with trail descriptions and maps
  12. These Mountains are Our Sacred Places, The Story of the Stoney People, by Chief John Snow ; History of the Stoney-Nakoda People including Pre- and Post - treaty life, oral hi story and traditional spirituality and wisdom.
  13. The Range, by Sherm Ewing; History of the Eastern slope as told by ranchers, range and wildlife managers and by old timers.
  14. Sky Humour, by Sid Marty; A book of poetry with some lovely narrative poems about neighbours in the Willow Valley and Burmis area
  15. Somebody Else’s Money: The Walrond Ranch Story 1883-1907, by Warren Elofson
  16. Unfolding The Pages; Recollections of education in the Pincher Creek Area, published by Gorman and Gorman Ltd, 1992
  17. Where the Rivers Meet, by Barry Potyondi; the history of the Old Man River basin sponsored by the Government of Alberta in response to the Old Man Dam Project changing the area forever.
  18. Who Speaks for the River, by Robert Girvan; The background story of how some people tried to stop the damming of the Oldman and how the Alberta government used the law.
  19. Willow Valley School, 1914–2014, 100 years of Learning and Community Spirit, by Wendy Davies


  • The Snow Eater (Narrated by Tom Jackson): 2002
  • Life Along the Livingstone – 2010; a program about the environment, the people and issues facing the Livingstone Ranch in SW Alberta
  • Big Country – 1962(?) CBC/NFB film of ranching life along the Eastern Slope