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Limber Pine Threatened

Posted February 4, 2011

Limber Pine. Photo copyright David McIntyre 2010Limber pine and white bark pine in our area are under threat from proposed mining developments combined with agents of climate change such as mountain pine beetle and white pine blister rust. These trees, warped and sculpted into fantastic shapes by the wind, reduced at times to creeping along the ground to seek protection, can be quite ancient. Some specimens can live to 1000 years. Known locally as “bullpines”, they are emblematic of the fierce weather patterns that rule Chinook country and they are an endangered species in need of serious protection. SRD's (Sustainable Resource Development's) C5 logging plan lists the east slope of the Livingstone Range for future logging, though dates have not yet been announced. 

We are fortunate to have a person who is a force of nature himself, and our leading local expert on forestry matters. His name is David McIntyre and you can reach him at

Another pressing issue, although it is occurring in the southern part of our Municipal District (MD 9) is logging in the Castle Area, part of the Crown of the Continent featured in the September 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine. 

Here is a letter from Dianne Pachal, a long time defender of the area, which was once part of Waterton National Park. Her contact information is included.

Limber Pine. Photo copyright David McIntyre 2010