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Spray Lakes Getting Ready to Log Livingstone

Posted Sep 21, 2015

Spray Lakes Logging has posted a map of logging plans for southern Alberta including clear cut logging on the headwaters of Todd Creek on the Livingstone Range. Copy and paste this link to see the map. An SRD official has been requested to meet with interested persons and explain the basis for the decision. At an open house recently, company foresters said they will be inspecting the proposed cutblocks this summer. The meeting may happen later this season or in September. We will post the date and time here and on our Facebook site and send out the news on our email system to the members.

NOTE:July 10. 2011. The link given for the map above no longer works, and Google has no explanation.

The effect of this, as usual in Alberta, is to make it difficult for anyone who is not an industry insider to get information on developments that affects public land that is owned by all Albertans. We will attempt to keep a hard copy map on hand in the LLG office for interested parties to look at. Contact Myrna by phone at 4036282331 to arrange to see it.

"The story’s familiar: The ranchers,
bone-tired at the end of a long workday,
shower and put on clean clothes. They
climb into their trucks and, following
a dusty spider-web of back roads,
converge on their hometown. There
they find seats at a formal gathering and
soon discover that they’re powerless to
stop the project they’ve come to fight.
The meeting’s meaningless. The project’s
already been approved."
Excerpt, From "Cascading Threats Target Livingstone Range"
by David McIntyre.

Further to the above paragraph, read David McIntyre's column on threats to the Livingstone Range at this address.

NB: If you are concerned about logging in southwestern Alberta, see the document Sustainable Forests, Sustainable Communities which LLG is signatory to at this link: