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The current mining issue in this region is the proposed Burmis Magnetite Project, which lies on the side of the Livingstone Range, above the North Burmis Road north of Highway 3. The area is grizzly bear and bighorn sheep habitat on a headwater stream of the Oldman River watershed. Here is a link to the company’s proposed mine where you can read their proposal and all other details: 

The LLG is absolutely opposed to this project. For a quick summary of our stand on this project, see this video:

Minister Knight (Alberta SRD) first said the Magnetite resource was important to our region, then changed his mind on December 9 2010, as reported in this article “Minister Clarifies Stand” below:

During a meeting in Lundbreck on January 8, MLA Evan Berger was asked why the decision on Micrex could be made before the new Landscape Use Framework plan was inaugurated, since such a use might be found to be disallowed under that new plan. He answered that it is not possible to have a moratorium on applications pending the completion of the LUF. He commented that there are pre-exisiting rights to take into account. He also emphasized that the importance of various government Bills 50, 19 and 36 is that they protect all rightsholders and offer compensation for changes made to land use. For a fuller account of the topics Mr. Berger addressed go to this link: Evan Berger meeting Jan 8th 2011.

NB: Do read this article by Kelly Cryderman in the Calgary Herald. At the Lundbreck meeting, a appeal was made for everyone to write one more letter to our politicians in Edmonton. Minister Ted Morton, the prime architect of the proposed LUF, finally weighed in on the magnetite mine, just a two days after Mr. Berger’s talk at the Lundbreck Hall.

Ted Morton says Micrex mining proposal should wait.

CALGARY - Alberta's finance minister has waded into the debate over a controversial magnetite mining development in a picturesque area in the Eastern Slopes, saying it shouldn't be allowed to go ahead before a government land plan is finalized.”

"Until that plan is out, it would be premature to make a decision," said Ted Morton, speaking on the proposed Micrex mine in the Livingstone Range.

The battle is not over yet, but do read more on finance minister Morton and SRD Minister Knight’s views at:

The LLG has been active on this file since 2004. Here is a recent letter from our President, Mr. Neil Kathol which provides insight into our objections. If you wish to assist us, write to the Hon. Mel Knight and copy to the persons below, with a copy, please, to our communications coordinator by Email or surface mail in the heading which follows:

The Municipal District of Pincher Creek created North America’s first Heritage Viewscape to honour our pioneers and promote this impressive scenery, just below the North Burmis road 10.5 kms north of Highway 3. This shot portrays the view past the DU Ranchlands Log Cabin to the panoramic Livingstone Mountain Range behind. The Micrex mine property is on the flanks of the range within sight of the North Burmis Road. 

What follows is a letter to the Hon. Rob Renner, Minister of the Environment, wherein Mr. Kathol sets out the reasons why the Minister erred in not ordering a full Environmental Impact Assessment for the Micrex Burmis Project. One correction for Mr. Kathol’s letter: although there has been no true consulation with the public by way of a moderated public inquiry where evidence for and against can be presented, Micrex did hold an open house in the fall of 2010 to present their case for the mine. This meeting was attended by SRD observers.

To read the rest of Mr. Kathol’s letter, go to this link for the Letter to Renner PDF.

Mr. Kathol has also penned an important missive, Jan. 6 2010, to MLA Evan Berger and to the Hon. Mel Knight, Minister of SRD, in which he points out that the Micrex location is supposed to be managed under a government Integrated Resource Plan currently, and that the site is zoned as critical for wildlife. He includes a letter from a former MLA (Mr. David Coutts) confirming the area was to be preserved as wildlife habitat He also challenges that the Micrex Open Houses were adequate consulations with the public. What follows is page one of that letter. The rest can be found as two PDF’s, LTR to Evan Berger and Map Crit. wildlife Burmis which latter PDF has the letter from Mr. Coutts.